“10,000 Startups” is a vision, which is committed to incubate, fund and provide ambient support to impact 10,000 technology startups in India, by 2023. The aim is to nurture the hatchling startups into full-fledged technology stalwart companies, by giving them support via access to startup incubators, accelerators, angel investors, venture capitalists, startup support groups, mentors, and technology corporations.

What’s more, no money troubles for startups. They can harp about their fine-tuned funding pitches to the leading angel investor networks and get up to INR 2 crores! Develop and refine your business sense at the leading incubators of India and see your idea take wings. Brainstorm your business ideas at co-working spaces, which boost of an electric environment where sky is certainly not the limit!

Also get a shot up your arm with an INR 10 lakhs startup kit, fully loaded, with enormously useful and tech-savvy business tools from Microsoft, AWS and Google, which would provide that ‘extra-edge’ to your startup. Stay abreast of the leading technological advancements in the ever-changing world of business with webinars on the latest and the emerging topics. It’s all about tech here.

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Name of the Product: MEDIC (Medical Emergency Diaognistic Information Center)


Team Size: 7

Description of the Product:  Our prime target & motto is “HEALTH CARE SOLUTION” on GO. Which means , if I am  travelling anywhere & I need medical assistance ( doctor appointment , diagnostic test , medical stores) 24/7 ( 365 days) & I should be able to get it at a “ SINGLE CLICK”. No more Waiting in long queues.

Doctors, diagnostic centre, medical stores can send communications, incase there is a delay or cancel in the scheduled appointments. It’s a win – win tool for patient, doctor, diagnostic centre, medical stores by comminucating through SMS, Email & WhatApps instantly. This will save a lot of time & money for everyone. Our prime focus is to support rural ares that are badly in a need today.

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Live Date: 31-December-2016

Name of the Product: Interactive Multi purpose Kiosk

Segment: Retail

Team Size: 8

Description of the Product:  We team CyberCubes works on Interactive System solutions and Our Product is “interactive Multi purpose Kiosk” which enables the user/visitor/cutomers to interact with the system and get his work done by himself and our system will also works as your personal orkstation(windows/iOS operating system),Televison,Display Signage. We will customize the touch screen sizes and touch capacities according to the organizational requirements.

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Live Date: TBD

Name of the Product: Togero

Segment: Marketing

Team Size: 5

Description of the Product:  The product is known as “Togero”. It was created to solve the problem of spending thousands of dollars on ads which do not turn out very fruitful. Though ads are the easiest way of marketing they don’t always reach your potential customers. Togero solves this problem by making use of Facebook pages to promote a product. This earns revenue for the page owners as well and is mutually beneficial.  Hence, it is believed that it will get many customers in the future.

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Live Date: TBD

Name of the Product: Atri

Segment: Travel System

Team Size: 1

Description of the Product:  ‘Atri’ is an Artificial Intelligence powered Digital Assistant for Travellers. Atri helps you plan and book a holiday package using its poweful yet extremely user friendly interface. You can chat with Atri using text messages, just like how you chat with your friends on whatsapp (or) you can talk to Atri using its voice recognition service just like Siri/Cortana.

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Live Date: TBD

Name of the Product: Gamifad

Segment: Education

Team Size: 5

Description of the Product: DIY mobile app development tool, we have pledged to upgrade technology at SMEs and keep them on par with giants who are leveraging upon latest technologies such as progressive web apps to improve profits. We are also helping businesses to build mobile apps themselves using our tool which are used in organizations of all sizes to access data through app instantaneously.

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Live Date: TBD

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Minister , Information Technology

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