Govin Capital

Govin Capital helps accelerate startups from ideation to growth via novel mentorship model that creates new market opportunities and mitigate startup funding risk. Singapore-based GOVIN Capital started its operations at “Incubation Centre” in Visakhapatnam to incubate startup companies and nurture students as first generation entrepreneurs. Govin Capital is mentoring startups in the fields of biomedicine, internet-of-things (IoT) and big data.

Anand Govindaluri, founder of Govin Capital, said, “Govin Capital will invest Rs 50 crore in the same and is looking at identifying early stage startups from Andhra Pradesh, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. The startups should be serving the middle class with a societal impact.”

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“One lakh new IT jobs for the youth will be created in the state within a couple of years. Five lakh jobs would also be created in the electronics, manufacturing sectors etc. “

Shri Nara Lokesh
Minister , Information Technology

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