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Over the last 25 years, and most significantly the last five years, cybercrime has evolved into a tangible threat to the global marketplace and security sector. Despite the infancy of global cooperation to defend against emerging global cyberthreats, your enterprise can better protect itself through open discussions across public and private entities. This white paper helps you gain a better understanding of some of the more prominent emerging cyberthreats, and arms you with measures to defend your enterprise from these threats.

It’s clear that there are growing cybersecurity problems. And beyond having an economic impact, they also have an impact in our daily lives as our technology dependence continues to grow. In 2017, we must work together to change this situation before it gets even worse.

With the increase in digital connectivity and demonetization, cyber security becomes a crucial element for India.Forty Two Labs, founded by a group of entrepreneurs from Israel and India with rich experience in the field of IT, has launched operations of the first-of-its-kind global cyber security research centre set up by it in Visakhapatnam.

What does FortyTwo42 do?

  • Set-up a Cyber Security Research and Innovation Lab at VIZAG premises in collaboration with APEITA.
  • To promote R&D collaboration between various cyber security start-ups, academic institutes.
  • To create and brand VIZAG as a Cyber Security Cluster Hub.

The R&D lab, specializing in next generation technologies to check cyber crimes following the increase in demand for digital transactions is located at the Information Technology Tower in the Madhurawada IT Special Economic Zone. APEITA is closely associated with the project. According to indications, the project is located in Visakhapatnam keeping in view the strategic location of the city and its neighbourhood.

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“One lakh new IT jobs for the youth will be created in the state within a couple of years. Five lakh jobs would also be created in the electronics, manufacturing sectors etc. “

Shri Nara Lokesh
Minister , Information Technology

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