Andhra Pradesh Electronics & IT Agency (APEITA)

APEITA is established as an “Empowered Mission for Electronics & IT Promotion” to give fillip to the development of the sector and take faster and agile decisions.

Among other tasks to promote electronics and IT industry in the state, the agency is entrusted with designing blueprints for establishing the Mega IT Hub and the other IT hubs at carefully selected locations with plans for marketing the ‘Advantage AP’ brand among top players in IT and Electronics manufacturing sector globally.

APEITA is looking at helping companies to stabilize their operations in less 90 days time from the day they start their operation. In addition APEITA is creating infrastructure for electronics companies in their early stage of operations.C.E.O, APEITA

  • To create a set of policies relating to Promotion of Electronics & IT as envisaged in the Blue Print Document.
  • To create a set of implementation guidelines to translate the above policies into reality.
  • To take steps for getting clearance of GOI for ITIRs to be established in the State;
  • To explore the potential for establishing electronic manufacturing units and prepare proposals for 10 Electronic Manufacturing Clusters in the State (the number is indicative).
  • To design blueprints for establishing the Mega IT Hub and the other IT hubs at carefully selected locations.
  • To design a plan for marketing the ‘Advantage AP’ brand among top players in IT.
  • Electronics manufacturing sector globally and create the roadmap to attract investments into the Electronics sector to the tune of US$ 5 Billion by 2020, and into the IT sector to the tune of US$ 2 Bil by 2020;.
  • To create an employment potential of 0.5 mil by 2020 in the IT and electronics sectors.
  • To identify the top electronic products/components for which demand exists in the country and take proactive steps to encourage creation of IP and manufacturing capacities for those products/ components in AP.
  • To administer the incentive schemes to be designed and approved for the Electronics sector.
  • To promote the Fabless semiconductor industry as a thrust area.
  • To coordinate with the industry bodies in furtherance of the above objectives.
  • To identify the areas in which promotion of use of electronics would lead to enhanced productivity, like smart grids, smart meters, low-cost access devices, smartcards etc and promote investments/ innovation in such areas.

To develop Andhra Pradesh as a knowledge society of global repute, with a focus on enhancing the quality of life of its citizens, through high-quality education and healthcare, increased productivity in agriculture and allied activities, creation of requisite employment potential by promoting electronics and IT industries, and above all, by providing good governance.

  • To be FIRST in India in Quality & Quantity of e-Services.
  • To be known as the Silicon Corridor of India.
  • To attract Investments of US $ 2 bn in IT and US $ 5 bn in Electronics manufacturing.
  • To attain 5% share in national exports of Software.
  • To provide 5 lakh additional direct employment by 2020.
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“One lakh new IT jobs for the youth will be created in the state within a couple of years. Five lakh jobs would also be created in the electronics, manufacturing sectors etc. “

Shri Nara Lokesh
Minister , Information Technology

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